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We 🚀 max(ROI)

We build Machine Learning media acquisition algorithms for managed & RTB environments.

Our autonomous media engine, targets, re-targets, self-adapts and generates insights
to zero-down on the most valuable traffic, users and LTV.
Directly connected to Ad-exchanges, it's able to predict, detect and evade fraudulent sources & low intent traffic, generating additional market edge.

It doesn't make coffee yet, but we're working on it ☕
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Currently open for select advertisers, DSPs and ad-network partners


Predict. Bid. Win. Repeat.

Directly connected and bidding on the Ad-exchange, our engine uses classical Machine and Deep Learning to predict all aspects of the bid life cycle - from CTR, conversion rates and users' LTVs.
On managed platforms, multiple campaigns and targeting combinations are created, iterated and A\B tested in a constant and automatic cycle of optimization.
All to maximize utilization of advertising budgets and final ROI.

Anti-Fraud ML

The Anti-Fraud ML fuses pre-bid data with post bid user behaviour and technical signals to generate real-time, pre-bid predictions on the likelihood of the impression being fraudulent.

Anti-Fraud ML module uses advanced techniques from the Cyber Security discipline such as detection of VMs & automation, residential Proxy abuse and malicious ASNs in conjunction with business logic of the media buying ecosystem (supply chain, publisher properties). These generate signals and data to be used as features in the fraud prediction models.
Knowing an impression to be fraudulent prior to bidding provides an additional edge in the buying process.

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